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We are company developing virtual and augmented reality software for business purposes.

How does VR and AR software help your cause(company)?

Effective training in shorter period


Employees can remember procedures much faster thanks to VR and AR. They are able to directly experience the procedure that is afterwards engraved into their memory. Thus, it is far more effective and faster method of training as opposed to listening or watching regular video.

Cost reduction due to uninterrupted production

It is often necessary to use production tools for training, but in order to make them viable, the production must be stopped.  In which case, it is not hard to calculate the loss, consumed material and waste associated with it. Thanks to training using VR and AR you will not only save time but also money.

40 %

Training using virtual and augmented reality

is up to

"40% effective"

Multi language support

Are there any foreign employees at your company? We can provide qualified translation of the software, texts and audio records so that everybody can understand.

Benefits of new technology

Digitization of work processes

In today digital era it is important to be part of it. If all your work situations and procedures are digitally processed, then you are able to adapt easier to changes and you get an edge of the competition.

Absolute safety

The training takes place exclusively inside VR and AR and therefore the possibility of getting injured or damaging any expensive tool that is avoided. People learn through mistakes, but mistakes in VR do not cost anything and cannot injure anyone.

Evaluation and data

There is a possibility to connect evaluation system to the training that allows to export data consisting of texts and graphs. The data is possible to hand over to the employer that might have another use for it. Employer or supervisor can immediately see, whether employee finished the training, what kind of mistakes were made etc.

Higher productivity of new and existing employees

The faster and better you are able totrain employees into the production process, the sooner they will be beneficial for your company and thanks to the accurate instructions even more productive than before.Raising the qualifications of already existing employees works in a very similar way.

An employer who goes with the times

In connection with the youngest generation of employees, so-called generation Y (millennials or internet generation), you will become more attractive as an employer and you will able to offer new jobs relating to modern technology.

Why us

We have more than 15 years of experience with pro applications. We are international. We have cooperated with the biggest companies from New York to Tokyo. We are young and dynamic company with vast knowledge of the latest tech. Thanks to our game development history we know best how to optimize apps and make them user friendly for all generations.


We are experienced professionals that meet and even exceed your expectations.


Our company is small. Thanks to that we are responsive, flexible, agile and client oriented.


We are reliable and we take care of your satisfaction with our work result and finished product.

Cost efficient

We will adapt to your changing needs and be cost efficient as much as possible,that large companies simply cannot cope with.

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