Ostrava, Czech republic

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News from the Tasty Air

Visualisation of engineering parts in Augmented reality

The involvement of Augmented reality in product presentation has become a very interesting part of the business.

Training in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality illustration of a contract for a company in Ostrava deal dealing with machining motor heads.

International Engineering Expo

We are preparing for international engineering expo. We will demonstrate AR’s and VR’s usage in engineering.

Brain vs Augmented reality - scientific research

Brain and its activity during studying in virtual reality.

OCULUS Quest - No cables needed

We bought new wireless VR goggles from the Oculus company. Oculus Quest is in Tasty Air.

Czech VR Fest - We were there !!!

We promoted our company on the Czech VR Fest conference that took place in Prague, 17. - 19. 6. 2019