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VIRTUAL REALITY - Training & Simulators

Currently the most effective way on how to train new and existing employees. It is already scientifically proven that training this way is 40% more effective than older methods.


The most beneficial feature of this technology is saving company costs, complete safety of people during the training and consequent increase in productivity when performing activities in the workplace.

VIRTUAL REALITY - Quality Control

We already know from our client’s experience that quality control is not always perfect. With this technology, supervisors or quality managers will learn how to detect defects on products much faster and efficiently.

VIRTUAL REALITY - Layout Planner

Product suitable for space planning during construction or reconstruction of existing ones. Client using the web interface builds a floor plan of the room, places objects into the interior (machines for example) and with one button transfers this floor plan into the virtual glasses, where is the room generated in real size. He is able to walk around in this room, manipulate with objects if he finds it fitting.


Thanks to this product, the client saves time on planning and costs associated with it.


Currently the most common use for this technology.


In logistic, it is the successor of technology called ‘Pick by Light’. It’s called ‘Pick by Vision’ and it is mainly used when picking items in warehouse. It dramatically reduces human error and increases work efficiency. Thanks to smart glasses Vuzix, that we are developing, the technology is HANDS-FREE.


Product is also suitable for packing design, interactive catalogues or 3D business cards. It is possible to connect it to any smartphone or tablet.


Use mainly on public events and festivals for public. Products is being primarily developed for smartphones.


Furthermore, in logistic and on premises of big companies when using smart glasses, where employees need to operate HANDS-FREE, for example while operating large machines.


Technology of special glasses designed for augmented reality, where after putting the glasses on,the glasses will display graphics with procedures for certain machine or other device through the glass.


With expansion of this technology and feature REMOTE ASSIST, or remote support, it is possible to make a video call, where the operator, who can be anywhere, sees what the service worker is doing and with voice and drawing graphics to guide him step by step through the entire service procedure.


Also suitable for digitizing service procedures for older machines for which service and installation instruction are no longer viable.

AUGMENTED REALITY - Products Catalogue

Application for smartphones and tablets. Technology works on basis of reading symbols, codes or images from websites, catalogues or magazines, where it also has task to converting read images into the 3D objects that the user can study and better understand its features, shapes and complexities. In case of complex components, 3D objects can be moved, dissembled into the last screw ‘virtually’, directly on your desk, using your smartphone or tablet.


This technology can be connected to the ordering system, which makes it suitable for online ordering systems.