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Our Services

In virtual reality we are able to prepare training for your employees including interactive tests and analytics. Also, you can train your employees in the context of safety at workplace.We can help you via augmented reality to promote your products and services. We work with builders and architects that use VR for going through constructions including interiors and exteriors. Designers will appreciate the AR as well, because we are able to convert the work into 3D image with interactive elements.

Virtual Reality - OHS

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Virtual Reality - Training

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AR - Parts Catalogues

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VR & AR - Builders / Architects

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AR - Maintenance

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AR - Promotion of Products

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VR stuff training

We will take your new or current employees to your company’s environment in VR and we will teach them how to work with expensive machines. Comprehensive tests included. Just like in driving school.

Custom AR application

Thanks to augmented reality you are able to carry out maintenance directly at your workplace, remotely guide your staff, record and clearly view the data in real-time.


VR occupational safety

As part of the cost efficiency and health risk prevention, you will be able to teach your employees everything they need before they even start working at a risk workplace.

Case Studies

VR staff training
AR mechanical parts catalogues
VR interior reconstruction
VR staff training

How to train your staff to be able to operate complex machines as soon as possible, where any error leads to permanent damage of machined motors for expensive cars. That was the question of one client from Ostrava and the answer he was looking for was here in TASTY AIR. We made the client’s workshop, including machines on which his staff work. With AR goggles OCULUS Quest now his employees learn to operate on machines in the environment of virtual reality. And the client saves money on operations costs and lowers the probability of damaging the machines.

AR mechanical parts catalogues
VR interior reconstruction

Working process in TASTY AIR

Every company aims to have everything according their needs. We fully support this and we strive to satisfy needs of the client on hundred, sometimes more, percent. However, it is not always possible to make everything according to theclient’s idea, because the idea might not always be suitable to reality.Here in TASTY AIR, we have got over 15 years of experience with development, publication of apps in many forms and purposes, that we will gladly lend to you. We will go through every step of the realization of your ideas with you, consult everything needed and we will guide you through whole process from concept to the release of the application or software. And that is not the end of it. You will be able to contact us at any time, even after the release.

Perception of customer needs


Technology of virtual and augmented reality is very young specialization a that is why we are going to proceed step by step, so we get to know you and your digitization needs and do not miss any important detail.

The choice of technology


In IT field and especially virtual and augmented reality world, the development is taking place at very fast pace and therefore the choice of technology is always very specific to the field of your work. From our experience we will recommend you the most suitable tools possible.

The order realization


We will conclude a contract together. We will agree on the conditions of delivery of the product. We will set mutual deadlines within project management and then proceed to successful handover of digital product.

Manufacturing process


We adhere to the scrum methodology in order to be able to quickly react to any changes in the project. We are aware of the power of agile development and benefits to the client.


We maintain service supervision over projects so that you always have option to receive data from our digital products. At the same time, we perform updates on mobiles applications so that they always remain available to the widest audience.