Ostrava, Czech republic

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What We Do

- VR staff training, Occupational safety and health (OSH), AR in engineering, AR product and service promotions. That and much for more for which we can supply

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VR staff training

We will take your new or current employees to your company’s environment in VR and we will teach them how to work with expensive machines. Comprehensive tests included. Just like in driving school.

Tailored AR applications

For catalogues and online stores, we can convert any product and transfer it to augmented reality. Customers can view it on their smartphones or tablets in the comfort of their homes.

VR occupational safety

As part of the cost efficiency and health risk prevention, you will be able to teach your employees everything they need before they even start working at a risk workplace.

VR and AR entertainment

We love to be entertained. And the one thing we can do really good is to play and develop games. We are following the newest trends and we can develop games for any platform using Unity engine.

AR Business

You don’t have to look at pie charts and bar charts just on a paper. We can nicely animate all your graphs and charts. With help of AR goggles you will have your hands free, allowing you to focus on the analysis.

We are multiplatform

We can develop apps not just for Android. We can develop and publish also on Apple iOS, prepare clean and nice desktop application or develop for consoles.


VR staff training
AR mechanical parts catalogs
VR interior reconstruction
VR staff training

How to train your employees to be able to operate complex machines as soon as possible, where any error leads to permanent damage of machined motors for expensive cars. That was the question of one client from Ostrava. He found his answer in Tasty Air. We made the client’s workshop, in which his employees work, machines included. With AR goggles OCULUS GO and OCULUS Quest now his employees learn to operate on machines in the environment of virtual reality. And the client saves money on operations costs and lowers the probability of damaging the machines.

AR mechanical parts catalogs
VR interior reconstruction