Customized virtual and augmented reality

At Tasty Air we develop applications using virtual and augmented reality for companies, factories, historical monuments, museums and other clients. Our VR applications increase efficiency of production, logistics and educational processes, deepen customer interaction with products and bring unrivaled 3D experience for visitors to museums and amusement parks. We help increase popularity and  competitiveness in corporate and non-profit environments.

What can we offer you:

■ Travel to the past through the virtual reality


■ Immersive experience augmented reality


■ Virtual tours with interactions

■ Experience Unique moments in tourist centers


■ Restore ancient artifacts using 3D scanning


■ Present any product or space in 3D

We create customized applications

We develop applications with virtual and augmented reality primarily for museums and heritage institutes, as well as for companies and industrial plants, but also clients from the field of healthcare and other industries. We always do our best to ensure that the application meets the specific goals of the project and utilizes the potential of VR and AR to the maximum.


Check out our references. We will be happy to prepare an unique application with virtual reality for your project and introduce you to the technical aspects of new technologies. Together, we will find and design a concrete solution.

For a full virtual reality experience is usually necessary a combination of a computer with special VR glasses. (Oculus, HTC, Pimax etc.). However, a limited VR display can handle some advanced smartphones, using smaller VR glasses that serve as a smartphone holder.


We develop applications using virtual and augmented reality, which benefit to the maximum from the possibilities of this technology. Their launch therefore requires a powerful device. We are using Unity Engine so we can port the application to any device - desktop or device with Android/iOS.


During development, we emphasize the most realistic design and graphics, smooth service and intuitive control.

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